We often say that these plans don’t work, we lose steam by the end of the second week. My class attendance promise ended on the first day of this semester when I missed my only class. But if you think about it, these decisions might eventually come to fruition, and even if they don’t, one small step in the right direction helps in some way.

I’m not going to try sell you a plan for your Spring transformation, but Perdeby is taking in new staff, and that may seem like a good idea if you haven’t come up with something yet.

But in all seriousness, I love this publication. My time here has been one of the most memorable times of my life. Getting involved with any structure on campus will make your time here so much more enjoyable, besides, it beats sitting on the grass at the Monocot garden waiting for your next class to start.

We have a fantastic team and we want to reach new heights in the new year. Apart from the content sections that you see in the paper every week, we have the backbone of the paper that also needs to be looked after. This paper would not happen without the skilled eyes of the Layout team who make sure the hard work that our journalists and visual artists put into each article make it to the students every week. We have a Copy team who work tirelessly to ensure everything is presentable, accurate and readable, and a Web team who make sure you can read Perdeby while procrastinating, ignoring your lecturer or… doing other things. They also fix stuff for us when the less technologically inclined fiddle too much with the computery things. We also want to start producing weekly video content with our Multimedia and Production teams so you don’t have to tire your poor eyes reading.

If you think you could add to Perdeby, or even learn from us, then please apply, either online or in hard copy (there is an application form on page 6). We can even tell you who Pssst… is, when we can coax Pssst… out of its hidey hole of flu.

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