On 22 August, the SRC hosted a mass meeting following the decision of UP management to increase registration fees in 2023. The SRC has mobilised students with the aim of disrupting student activities on campus. The march started at the student center before moving to Thuto, Centenary, and the IT Building to disrupt lectures. The SRC is calling for the total shutdown of campus and aim to disrupt the upcoming SRC elections. Dr Willem Jorissen, Deputy Director of the Department of Student Affairs, said that the actions of the SRC and students is against UP policy and that they will face disciplinary action. Secretary General of the SRC, Tarik Lalla, told students that the university cannot tell them about financial strain as the reason for fee increases, because students themselves are also facing the same challenges. Lalla urged students to damage the image of the university on social media and disrupt all the activities of the university.


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