You may have noticed this poster on page 3 of the last edition of PDBY – I hope you did, it was really big. We don’t have the space to print it that large every edition, but it’s included again here in a helpful mini version. I encourage you to read it, because it’s important to know your rights when it comes to speaking to media and to journalists.

Sometimes I get the impression that people are really hesitant to speak to journalists, and feel that the media might misquote or change their words, or even that they’d get in trouble for speaking to the media and sharing something that isn’t common knowledge. But this is not true. I can’t speak for every media platform or media house, but I can and do speak for PDBY. This newspaper exists to serve students, and publish content to inform and entertain. PDBY will never publish illegal or unethically obtained content, so if we publish something you share with a journalist on the record, you cannot get in trouble. You have the right to speak to media and to voice your opinion, share your experience and report your knowledge. You cannot get in trouble for telling a journalist something. The only time you can get in trouble for speaking to the media is if you promote hate, violence or war – and even if you did, PDBY wouldn’t publish it. If someone tries to punish you, threaten you or intimidate you before or after speaking to a journalist, you can hold them accountable.

Not many platforms speak on behalf of students independently from the university, so I encourage you to use the platform PDBY offers to have your voice heard. PDBY is entirely independent and serves only the students of UP. We are your mouthpiece, and we are here to listen any time you would like your voice to be heard.

So know your rights, know your options, and know you can speak to a journalist at PDBY about any issues, problems or stories you may know of. As journalists we can’t fix problems, but we can make sure they’re heard, and that the people who can fix them are held accountable. You can contact us on social media, or via email.

Until next time,

Kayla Thomas

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Kayla is the Editor of PDBY for 2020 and 2021. She joined the copy team in 2017, and became head layout editor in 2018 before starting her term as Editor. Kayla is obsessed with PDBY and is considering moving into the office to live with Pssst... forever. You can reach her by email.