Alexa Midnight – Less of a Woman I will hold a great feast
In honour of my esteemed guest
It will be the biggest, the very best
With little flowers, lemon zest
To show my courtship, my family crest
Some, they might detest
I will come from the east
I will go to the west
I am a woman,
with a heartbeat in my chest
To some, I will be a true test
I will construct my nest
For my family, to leave, to rest
No, this is no jest
Just me in my burgundy vest.
I will not be thanked.
It is expected of me
Just to be,
this mother hen,
thiis helpful thing.
What if I don’t want this?
Am I less of a woman,
for feeling the burden?
Ami I less of a woman,
for wanting no abrasion?
Am I less of a woman,
for feeling this way?
Am I less of a woman,
because of the things I say?
Am I less of a woman,
for having fear?
Oh no, no my dear.
So am I less of a woman?
No, will never be,
You have no right to my body,
no right to my soul,
no right to me.

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