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Utter chaos turned to dialogue: A post student forum shift

As anticipated, the proceedings of the student forum that took place on 26 October resembled a striking similarity to a scene from a South African parliament proceeding. The main objective of the forum was to provide a platform where students could hold SRC members accountable. Attendees included students, current SRC members, faculty chairpersons, student committee executives, residence representatives, as well as student wings of political organizations, including DASO, ActionSA, SASCO, and EFFSC.

About Representation

The phrase “representation matters” is used in a variety of wildly different cases to express support for or emphasise
the need for greater inclusivity in media and society at large. Within that context, the depiction of LGBTQIA+ experiences, identities, and issues has become more common with the world of anime and manga not being exempted from either this phenomenon or the accompanying scrutiny. Beyond discussing the simple idea that representation matters, however, it is equally important to question what kind of representation matters or, more precisely, whether there is a singular right way to go about it.

Cups Will Never Empty, For I Will Be Their Wine: The Secret Society of House Parties

Pretoria’s social scene is one of life’s more sadistic jokes played on students: not being able to go out during Covid
and not having anywhere to go to after Covid. Trying to find a club or bar with good music and a trusted dance floor in Pretoria is like trying to find realism in the Vaudeville Theatre; no one is taking you seriously, and everyone is acting silly.

Water you waiting for? Join TuksWaterpolo

The University of Pretoria’s water polo men’s team, also known as TuksWaterpolo, is gearing up for the University Sports South Africa (USSA) Championships that will take place later this year. The team has been training hard in the pool, with five-day training sessions and rigorous drills, to get the players match-fit and ready to face tough opponents such as Stellenbosch University and Wits University.


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