What is also important is letting your hair down once in a while, and we had the perfect opportunity for this at Oppi. This year’s Oppi was one of my favourites and I had the most fun. However, on paper, Oppi had many problems that might affect their numbers for future years. For one there are more than the usual reports of theft coming out after Oppi, which might be due to the day pass tickets they had this year. The organisation also left much to be desired as performers changed stages at the last minute. And then there was the mud… On a positive note, this year seemed to be the most transformed year that I have attended and that might be due to the diverse line-up that catered to all music tastes. The international acts were also amazing, hopefully next year will be better organised with another killer line-up.

Finally, Perdeby had our year end function where we gave out some awards to the best staff members of the year. I feel like every staff member deserves some award though, it has been a tough year and the way that everyone has been able to pull it all together and produce this paper every week is astounding. I’d like to thank all the staff, and our readers, for the year. I can’t wait for next year where you can see all the work we have been putting in to build on our 80 years of excellence.

The next edition will be our last for the year, so keep a lookout for copies of the last edition on campus next week.

Shaun Sproule


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