With some students being back on campuses and in residences, the SRC and Student Wellness Committee are committed to providing menstruating students with sanitary products, should they find themselves in need of these products and unable to attain them. SRC member Thuto Mashile has emphasised the importance of providing students in need with these sanitary products during this uncertain time. These products will not be delivered to students’ homes or anywhere outside of Gauteng. Should students find themselves in need of these products, they can go to the Student Wellness Committee’s Instagram page and find a Google link to where they can fill in their information. Thereafter, they will be given a permit to access campus, where they can collect their sanitary products from the UP Clinic on Hatfield Campus. Mashile also states that the Student Health Committee and the SRC have other initiatives and student health issues that they plan to address over the course of the year with the assistance of the Student Health Services.

Illustration: Sanele Zulu

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