The Office of Sport, in collaboration with the Office of Transformation, have come up with a new plan to allow more students to participate in sports at the university. This plan comes from the SRC’s active promotion of holistic student wellness. The SRC has often advocated the importance of mental health, but more often sports and physical well-being are not prioritised.

The Office of Sport believe in the importance of physical well-being and are showing this by implementing a plan to allow students to be able to play sports despite the fees. This plan will allow students to participate in sports without having to worry about the fees that come with the sports and joining clubs. They believe that playing sports can act as a stress reliever and aids in physical health.

The members of this initiative believe that it is important to implement now during the pandemic, due to the added stress that the pandemic has caused and due to their short term in office. They believe that this new plan should be implemented as soon as possible because of the many benefits that are associated with being more active.

Members of the Office of Sport and Office of Transformation hold
consultative sessions with TuksSport and review students on a caseby case basis and will make a decision based on the severity of the
financial situation. Interested people can reach out to Tarik Lalla, the UP Sport Ex-Officio, or Thuto Mashile, UP Student Success and

Image: Madeeha Hazarvi

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