Kayla Thomas and Leah Rees


There is no waiting time to report a missing person.


Following the student vigils and demonstrations around Hatfield Campus on 2 and 3 September, multiple reports of women being abducted around Hatfield have been spread on social media and WhatsApp groups. The South African Police Service (SAPS) confirms that no missing person cases have been reported to SAPS.

Voice notes and tweets have been spreading across social media platforms reporting that women have been “taken, kidnapped” from multiple locations in Hatfield and that there are videos of such abductions. No videos have been circulated or reported to police. The social media reports have also shared vehicle registration numbers as warning but these are unverified claims and the vehicles involved have not been reported to SAPS.

Brooklyn SAPS Captain, Colette Weilbach, confirmed to PDBY that no cases had been opened or reported to SAPS regarding the multiple claims on social media. Sunnyside SAPS Captain, Daniel Mavimbela, confirmed the same at Sunnyside Police Station. A media statement was then released by Captain Weilbach on 4 September that further explains that the reports on social media are “unverified” and can “cause panic and alarm amongst the public”. SAPS urge students to report any suspected abductions to the police as soon as possible as investigations into such incidents are only possible once a case docket is opened.

There is no waiting time to report a missing person. Be vigilant and alert and report emergencies to toll-free 112 or 10111. Incidents can also be reported to Brooklyn Police Station as 012 366 1700.