Following, the First Quarter Student Forum PDBY forwarded the questions below and received the following responses from the SRC, DASO UP and the EFFSC UP. At the time of publication PDBY had not received a response from the ANCYL Tukkies branch.

1. There are allegations that EFFSC-UP has disrupted the student forum, please give comment on that. 

SRC: “We will not comment on particular societies, nor will the SRC mislead Students in suggesting that Student Forum was disrupted – Student Forum was the first in-person event of this nature to be completed in the past 4 years.  There were Students who may have not been present in good faith or to genuinely hold the SRC accountable, however that will not deter the SRC nor the UP Student Body from holding the SRC accountable. Let it be clear, regardless of specific narratives and agendas, the sitting was completed.”

EFFSC UP: “It is a blatant lie that the EFFSC UP disrupted the student forum. The EFFSC UP is always at the side of students and as we’re performing our revolutionary duty of addressing student cases, the meeting degenerated and had to be prematurely adjourned after an [SRC member] insulted all students in the forum that instead of raising issues they must “Go f**k themselves”. The meeting could not proceed because the Chief Justice could not ask the scoundrel to withdraw from proceedings as students wanted.”

DASO UP: “Indeed, the EFFSC had no form of decorum throughout the forum. They surely made their mother body proud by embodying it to-the-tea. Perpetuating their egoistic mannerisms, resulting in students’ voices being hamstrung.”

2. Are you satisfied with the outcome of the student forum? 

SRC: “The answer to this question is multifaceted, in that the Student Forum served its purpose by providing Students with the opportunity to hold their elected leadership accountable. This was largely successful. However, the SRC is not satisfied with the misogynistic, and intimidating behaviour of certain members in the sitting. This compromised the safety of many of the Students in the sitting, which will not be tolerated. Additionally, there were many topics that the SRC would like to have seen been brought up, which include Data Allocation and certain Residence issues, amongst others, that the SRC has done significant work on, and would have liked to have been provided the opportunity to account. Regardless, the platform served its function, as per the CSG.”

EFFSC UP: “There was not outcome as student issues could not be raised effectively because of the disruption from the SRC members. The EFFSC UP was not expecting much from the UP SRC as we know that there are not interests of students at heart and no capacity to champion student cases. We saw this when an SRC members simply told student to go to NSFAS instead of responding how the SRC will affect students who are affected by the N+1 rule.”

DASO UP: “In complete honesty no.The forum could have operated more cohesively. The insufficient planning of the forum was the catalyst for the unrest of the forum for all attendees.”

3. What comment would your organisation like to give to the wholistic student body with regard to the student forum?

SRC: “The Student Forum is a vital part of Student Life and Student Leadership at UP. We encourage every Student to try their best to be present in upcoming Student Forums. Ultimately, an SRC, or any other Student Structure, represents the views of our Students. In order to bring about the change at the institution we, the Students, want to see, we need to have our opinions voiced and solutions presented. One such platform for this is the Student Forum.”

EFFSC UP: “We firstly apologize to our constituency for the disrespect they experienced after we called them to a meeting of which we thought would be fruitful. Secondly to the entire student body, the EFFSC UP is here for you and is fully aware that the SRC has been failing you. The EFFSC UP is in the process of approaching various progressive student structures for partnership and collaboration to commence the process of seeking external funding assistance for all affected students. Victory is certain and students must not lose hope. We’ll meet in the Quarter 2 Student Forum. Take time and read EFFSC UP emails on Election procedure amendments on our Linktree platform.”

DASO UP: “DASO UP wants the Rule of Law to be upheld. The EFFSC consistently undermined the Rule of Law which led to the abrupt adjournment of the meeting. As such, the needs, complaints, and queries of students were not given a platform to be raised in the first place. DASO UP thus calls for more stringent measures to be put in place to ensure that decorum is upheld and that the needs of students are placed first.”

4. What are your expectations of the upcoming student forum?  

SRC: “First and foremost, increased Student presence. More Students from our vast Student Body would contribute to a healthier Student Governance space.” 

“Secondly, a safer space for all Students to express their opinions and views, as well as concerns. A platform free from discrimination, hatred and selfish agendas, whereby Students are able to express their concerns and views without fear. This is part of a greater push by the SRC to create a space more tolerant and accepting of difference. It also includes giving platform to Students in various spaces which include societies, interest groups and political affiliations.”

EFFSC UP: “We hope that we won’t be insulted by SRC members but other than that there are no expectations as the 2022 UP SRC since the commencement of their term has demonstrated incapacity to respond to student issues but has exhibited the conduct of being an extension of the racist University of Pretoria management and call centre squad while in which it demonstrated them as intellectually dehydrated/constipated lumpens who are fuelled by the refusal and unwillingness to think independently in responding effectively to the cries of students.”

DASO UP: “An agenda made available for all societies to ensure that decorum is kept. A detailed notice of covid precautions to all possible attendees. Lastly, to ensure that the forum commences at the stated time.”


Access the SRC’s response to student forum here –> SRC Article

Access the Constitutional Tribunal’s response to student forum here –> Constitutional Tribunal – Student Forum Article .docx

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