Leah Rees
Leah is a pale ... awkward ... asthmatic ginger. She used to be Head of Layout (cries) before becoming Digital Manager in an effort to take over PDBY, an effort that has since failed (its all political). She has a keen eye for alignment, an intense love for tequila and chicken nuggets, and occasionally enjoys frollicking in the hills. To end off this bio she leaves this final nugget of wisdom "You just lost the game".
Sport bites: 23 August

Sport bites: 23 August

Sport bites from issue 8 TuksSport High School Learners bust world record On 22 August, TuksSport High School learners Mihlali Xotyeni and Benjamin Richardson represented South Africa as part of the men’s 100m relay team at the 2021 World Athletics U20 Championship in...

All the balls and whistles: Varsity Netball is back

Sport Bites

Sport bites: 13 September 2021 UP-Tuks places 3rd at Varsity Netball 2021 Coach Jenny van Dyk’s prediction of Kovsies being the team to beat rung true this season. Kovsies placed first, after the final between Kovsies and Maties. UP-Tuks finished off the 2021 Varsity...

Q & A with Sango Xamlashe

Q & A with Sango Xamlashe

UP rugby captain, Sango Xamlashe, began with the Cheetahs in Bloemfontein, was offered a contract with the Blue Bulls in Pretoria and has moved to UP. Since then, he’s become captain of the UP rugby team and led his teammates to a championship win in the 2021 Varsity...

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