It was good while it lasted, but Pssst… has to keep focused on residences officially recognised by the university.

Besides, the other residences were far more interesting than you anyway. But still, shame. Pssst… heard that Stuku had some confusion about booking venues last Thursday. Pssst… thinks if you have a venue overlap with the DSA, it was probably you who made the mistake. Pssst… thinks maybe Stuku got distracted by last Friday’s date, maybe they were excited to blaze it. Pssst… would like to give a special shout out to Erika. Just to remind you that in case you think Pssst… has forgotten that time you used our newly printed editions to make unfashionable clothes, Pssst… most definitely has

not. Pssst… has decided that perhaps you did that because you don’t know how to read. Pssst… would like to formally invite Erika to the Perdeby Writing Lab, if that is the case.

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Pssst... lives under the floorboards of the PDBY offices and eavesdrops on all the happenings in the news world. Pssst... is always up to share some tea, of the liquid and shady kinds.