When you cannot stare at your laptop screen any longer, going outside and moving your body can be a great
distraction. Here are some tips to turn your walk around campus into a hot girl walk. At its core, a hot girl walk
is a normal walk; being a hot girl is a state of mind. However, anyone can be a hot girl; its not exclusively for the ‘girlies’.

1) An integral part of the walk is to listen to a podcast. It can be about anything, but PDBY recommends these four podcasts: Rotten Mango for all the crime lovers, Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain for the girlie going through an existential crisis, and Honeydew Me for… educational purposes.

2) Grab a hot girl approved iced coffee to keep you hydrated. Now the iced coffee is definitely not just for aesthetic purposes, because sipping on that straw is therapeutic. And the best part is you can literally find it anywhere.

3) Explore campus. Go to places you have never been before. Hatfield Campus has some beautiful spots including the garden behind the math building as well as the back entrance of the plant sciences building. But if you are tired of main campus, why not take the short journey to South Campus?

The most important aspect of the hot girl walk is to romanticize your life while drowning in your university work. Sure, you might have a million assignments due, but you deserve a break anyway. Even though this trend might prioritise living your best ‘delusional’ life, at its core, it advocates for self-care, which is the most important thing at the end of the day.

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My name is Katherine Weber and I am currently a 2nd year BA student majoring in English and History. I enjoy writing short stories and drawing. I want to work in publishing one day because I love reading all types of books.

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