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Invisible Strings is an intriguing read that leaves the reader questioning whether they too have multiple strings pulling them somewhere, to something, or to someone. The novel leaves one questioning whether one will ever truly know fate’s plan.

If you are looking for an interesting read that is supernatural and controversial, then this novel is a must read. Invisible Strings is Naledi Mashishi’s debut novel. This supernatural story begins with Mamokgethi “…drowning in a vast, darkening sea…” which immediately grabs the reader’s attention. This novel is divided into two parts, and it begins by taking us through the glorious, easy life Mamokgethi lived before her pregnancy with Thato. The storyline then shifts to Thato’s tumultuous journey as she discovers her powers of healing people and animals and speaking to the dead. At this point the reader is introduced Solomon Khumalo’s upbringing in the dusty streets of Alexandra and his journey to becoming a pastor. Taking place in the city of Johannesburg, the novel also brings to light the way people were living during apartheid as Mamokgethi’s mother recalls the days she used to spend with her long-lost sister Dineo. The novel touches on the controversial concepts of religion, traditionalism, and homosexuality as we witness the dissolution of Molefi’s relationship with his father and the church’s treatment of him because of his sexuality.

This book is challenging to put into words due to its complexity. This book must be read with an open mind as the joining of the spiritual and physical can be very challenging to comprehend.

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