On 6 and 7 August, Respublica hosted a Battle of the Residences event where all the Respublica residences came together to battle it out in a series of competitive games.

Respublica also hosted their first ever Clash of the Choirs and Battle of the Chefs. The sports battle took place on 6 August at Loftus stadium, where all the residents competed for the coveted prize. Respublica Eastwood Village came out victorious in soccer, while Respublica The Fields won the netball prize. On Sunday, 7 August, the residents showed off their music and culinary skills in a sing-off and in the kitchen. There were three categories within the sing-off: African traditional songs, Afro pop, and popular songs.
It was a day filled with entertainment and good music as the choirs poured their hearts out on stage, competing for the grand prize. Respublica Hatfield Square came first and took the trophy for the best Choir 2022. They also won the prize for Battle of the Chefs as they prepared the best dessert out of all the other residences.
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