UP societies are known for hosting the best events where all students, especially first-year students, get to have a good university experience that is not consumed with academics. One of many upcoming events is the RAG of Hope which will be on 25 February at Hillcrest RAG Farm from 7:00 to 18:00 with the theme being Coachella. This day-event will raise funds for charities affiliated with the university by operating a craft market where RAG partners will receive an opportunity to set up stalls and sell their hand-made crafts to students as well as members of the public at affordable prices. Collaborating with STUKU and Student sports to organise an event that will include a craft market, sports activities, games, UP’s Got Talent, the SANBS blood drive, and so much more.
Next up on our calendar is the UP INSYNC concert which is an event where first-year students can showcase their skills by participating in performances with their residences, day houses, faculties, or societies. This concert usually takes place on the first Saturday after Welcome Day and it provides an opportunity for students from different backgrounds to get to know each other while rehearsing and preparing for their performances. This concert also gives all attendees and their parents an exclusive highlight of the student-life side of campus.
With that being said, be on the lookout for these exciting events.


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