Block 22 (formerly known as Aandklas) may be an adjustment for senior students, considering the length of time that Aandklas stood. This spot has had a huge revamp over the summer recess.

Aandklas opened in 2006 by brothers Rudi and Marcus Oosthuizen. It was primarily a rock and roll club – which was something that the Hatfield scene was not used to. Since its opening Aandklas has had some amazing parties, themed nights, and one of the longest running game nights. In order to stay open, Aandklas transformed from a place of rock and roll, to a place of all South African music genres. Aandklas stayed standing when 10 bars in Hatfield Square were demolished, all because of its popularity with students.

Now that the history of Aandklas has been established, one can understand the loss that was felt by students when they found out that Aandklas was rebranding and coming back as Block 22. Block 22, is now a space of: Russian Mondays, Karaoke Tuesdays,“Hip Hop and Hennessy” Wednesdays, Electric Thursdays, Ladies’ night on Fridays, Shooters Saturday and Shisanyama Sundays. Although it has just been established, their social media offers promising information regarding drink and food specials as well as nights that will be filled with performances.

The ambiance of Block 22 can be described as indie with a modern twist, and the energy differs based on the time of day. During the day, it is an easy-going spot where food and drinks can be enjoyed. However, in the evenings the energy of Block 22 picks up and it becomes a vibrant and exciting spot where people go to for a party. The rebranding allowed for an collaboration between Block 22 and Square 2.0, to allow more space for DJs and a sense of ease between the two places.

Despite a deep-rooted sense of loyalty for Aandklas, a visit to Block 22 is highly recommended as it is a good addition to the Hatfield party scene.

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