The Wi-Fi that has been recommended by the university on ClickUP is the Tshwane Free WiFi. Tshwane’s free Wi-Fi service, TshWi- Fi, provides 500 MB of free data every day at an average speed of 15 mbps. TshWi-Fi is the largest Wi-Fi network in Africa, with more than 1.6 million devices that have accessed the network. The Tshwane Free Wi-Fi app can be downloaded from any smartphone app store in order to find the closest TshWi-Fi hotspot.  Several zones can be found around the UP Hatfield Campus, including in Arcadia and Brooklyn. An alternative to the TshWi-Fi network is a different network called AlwaysOn. Students will need to register at but will then have automatic access whenever that device is connected to the Wi-Fi in an AlwaysOn zone. AlwaysOn is free for 30 minutes a day, and is split into two zones, namely, Super Wi-Fi (1gbps) or Browser Wi-Fi (40 mbps). Super Wi-Fi means that you are in a strong Wi-Fi location and has good quality connection. This is where one files such as videos placed on ClickUP can be downloaded while Browser Wi-Fi can be used for checking the UP Gmail account, accessing ClickUP and social media.

The Telkom zones are yet another option students can make use of to gain internet access. Telkom zones need a Sim card in order to make use of this service. Any student may contact the university to collect a Sim card. All students will need are their student cards and ID books. In addition to designated Wi-Fi network zones are numerous restaurants with free internet access and power outlets such as +27 Cafe.

Lastly, the university has made computer laboratories available for students from 20 October at the IT labs in the Technical Services Building. Students will be allowed to enter campus via the Burnett Street entrance and will be allowed to use the computer labs for three hours a day in one of three sessions. The respective sessions take place from 08h00 until 11h00, 11h30 until 14h30 and 15h00 until 18h00. Students must have their student card and may be searched in circumstances where it is deemed necessary.


Image: Michal Linden.

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