When told that students want to know who their president is, Rasethaba said, “I believe that students are aware of who their president is.” Another common question which was asked was, “How much power does the SRC possess to affect change in the lives of students?” Rasethaba responded to this question saying, “That depends on what the particular change is. The university bureaucracy and powers that be are sometimes resistant to seeing change as advocated by students, making it difficult for the SRC to effectively serve the students. Greater participation by the student body in SRC activities and projects also strengthens the SRC’s ability to affect change in the lives of students.”


Another question that Rasethaba responded to was, “Does the SRC represent us or does it merely exist to fulfil a mandate given to the university by the department of higher education?” by saying, “The SRC’s primary goal is to represent students.” Finally, Rasethaba responded to the question of when the next student forum meeting will be, saying that it will be on 21 May.


Image: Twitter

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