Day students have the opportunity to take part in res activities by joining one of the four day houses at UP. These day houses are specifically geared towards incorporating day students into all aspects of student life.

Zeus is the oldest day house on campus and was formed in 1999. Zeus is open to students of any gender and culture. They try to give day students the best of both worlds by combining social, cultural and sporting spheres. Zeus offers its members the chance to participate in a wide array of events and activities. Soon a need arose in UP to form another day house on campus resulting in the formation of Vividus in 2003. Vividus grew exponentially in its first four years, which led to the house splitting into Vividus Ladies and Vividus Men.

Vividus Men aims to live up to their Latin name “Vividus” which means “full of life.” Members of this day house have a well-rounded student life as they take part in numerous cultural, spiritual, sport and Rag activities and events. First year members of Vividus Men are known as “Nergies” which means “sons of thunder.”

Their sister house, Vividus Ladies, won Day House of the Year in 2010. According to Vividus Ladies Primaria, Jacquelise de Vries, “Vividus Ladies provides day students with the opportunity to take part in all of Tuks’s activities. It’s a place where friendships are formed and memories are made that will last a lifetime.” She added that students in this house manifest the true qualities of a lady and simply enjoy life. Vividus Ladies call their first years “Nitas” meaning “beautiful women of God.”

Lastly, male and female day students can join Luminous. Luminous is the youngest day house at UP. The name Luminous comes from the two words “lumi” (meaning “light”) and “nous” (meaning “mind”) When compounded the words mean “to let your mind be governed by light”. Luminous was formed in 2011 as a value-based day house and they strive to help members live a life filled with integrity, honesty and passion. First years interested in joining a day house can do so during Welcoming Day and Orientation Week at the Student Centre.

Illustration: Ezelle van der Heever

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