However, the script is not yet ready as the producers are running a scriptwriting competition, which is open to anyone over the age of 18 with no prior experience required, in order to provide more opportunities for young, aspiring scriptwriters around the world.

The competition is easy to enter and the rules and guidelines are simple and clear. Your idea has to include a female engineer as the protagonist who “MacGyvers” her way through tough situations. The emphasis needs to be on engineering and what engineers are capable of doing. The producers want the show to encourage young people to pursue a career in engineering, just like the last generation who fell in love with the everyday superhero. The rest of it is up to the writer’s imagination.

To enter the competition, which closes on 17 April, you need to think of an idea and pitch it to the producers through the website, The prize money for the top five ideas is $5000 as well as a Wonka-like trip to Hollywood to shadow some of the top producers and engineers in the business. The top five will make up the team of writers working on the final script for the new series.



Illustration: Jaco Stroebel

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