University can be a scary place filled with semester tests, exams, assignments and intimidating lecturers at every turn, but it can also be the most memorable years of your life. In an attempt to help first years make their three or four years at Tuks count, Perdeby spoke to a few “experienced” students to help draw up a “to do list” of things to do while at varsity.

Second Year BSc Veterinary Biology student Keith Spargo thinks that first years should try to get as involved as possible in student life, he believes you should “get out there and experience as much of varsity as you can!” Cameron Prior, also a second year Veterinary Biology student, says, “You should really try and find yourself while you’re at varsity so that you leave with clear sense of who you are.”

Agrineth Phoku, a third year BCom. Financial Management student, says that all students “should enjoy being in varsity while we can because once we’re done we have to start working and paying bills. First years should learn how to have fun in a balanced manner, don’t only study!” Tebogo Chiloane, a third year BEng Metallurgical Engineering student agrees with Phoku, “Just experience varsity life to the fullest because this is the only time that you will be able to do a lot of wild things and not be judged for it.”

There are certain landmarks that need to be visited while studying at Tuks. Keeley Reyneke and Lauren Immelman, both BSc Veterniary Biology students, suggest that first years visit at least one of these historical venues. “Every student should go to Oom Gerts at least once! Also try and do Serrie if you can.” Nadine van Wyk, a BCom Accounting Sciences student says, “Visit Pie City! Also keep in mind that varsity is about getting a degree so try and keep your grades up and study hard.”

Third year BCom Internal Auditing students Noyolo Skosana and Mmathabo Nkuna think that university is all about having fun and making friends. “Go to the square, do RAG, go have a drink at Oom Gerts and also get to know the people that you are studying with because they are the ones that will be helping you with tests and assignments.” Angela Buena, a BAdmin International Relations student, believes that students should not only stay in their rooms and study. “Go out, don’t keep to yourselves. Just enjoy varsity and everything it has to offer.”

University opens up a door of new experiences and interesting people, so grab every opportunity that comes your way but don’t lose sight of the reason you are here in the first place: to make something of yourself and get a degree. But there is nothing wrong with having a bit of fun on the way!

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