Why should one consider TuksJudo as a good combative sport?

It has numerous benefits to both the body and the mind as some compete in it where others just use it to enjoy themselves after a hard day. Because it’s a full contact grappling sport it has also shown to be greatly beneficial to development phase of children and has had a therapeutic effect on children to build their confidence.


What health benefits can one gain from taking part in Tuk­sJudo?

Well let’s start with the benefits for your mind. Judo allows you to clear your mind and develop a strong sense as focus. The other benefit Judo delivers is as with any physical activities it allows the body to release those feel good endorphins and just puts you in a better mood.

The benefits for the body can be quite a few things. Firstly I would say that it drastically improves your flexibility in your legs, shoul­der, back, neck and arms.

Another benefit is added strength and of course cardiovascular fit­ness. Like I previously said it’s a full contact grappling sport which means that either one or various muscles are always contracted and tense when you do training. That means you get really fit and really strong.

Weight loss is also a major benefit. We sweat a lot in training! But apart from that we compete in different weight classes. That means we take special care to maintain a healthy weight and we monitor our weight on a regular basis.


What do the training sessions consist of?

We always start with a good warm up and stretching session. Next, we’ll move on to some fitness and speed exercises to get the body ready. After that we’ll do some technical training and working on some competition strategies. Then we get to fun part. We almost always include some randori (boxers would call it sparring) in our training both standing (doing throws) and also on the ground (doing pins, arm locks and strangulations).

And then we’d end with some more fitness.


How can Judo help one in terms of self-defence?

Well, judo is literally a self-defence sport. It was created for one to be able to protect oneself. We also do attack but the true beauty of Judo lies in using your opponent’s momentum and movement against him and reacting to his actions and redirect it to your own advantage. You wouldn’t think that when you watch a tournament because there we do more attacking than defending. But for the average person looking to take up Judo in order to protect his or herself, I’d say that Judo is one of the best sports for it.


What different techniques can be learnt in TuksJudo?

TuksJudo can offer two types of techniques. First will be the tradi­tional judo techniques needed to practice judo and progress to the next belt. This is very important to form your basic level to move to the second and more difficult level of judo techniques. Secondly we will offer more advance techniques specific to competition. The coaches at TuksJudo try to stay up to date on what is currently hap­pening in the international circuit so that the proper advance judo techniques can be taught to the high level Judokas.


Are different levels of training taught by different coaches?

There are four coaches at TuksJudo. TuksJudo offers three levels of judokas and here at TuksJudo all three levels is coached by different coaches. The cherry on top is that all three coaches are Olympians.


Why would you recommend students to join TuksJudo?

Judo is simply fun to enjoy. You get to fight (grappling only) with your friends and there is no hard feelings, because you are simply practicing. Judo is the perfect sport to blow of some steam after a long day. Judo has convenient training times, we train in the eve­nings when everyone is finished with the day’s activities. The idea and purpose of judo is not only the side of practising sport, Judo is a learning tool that teaches respect, discipline and direction (GOAL) among many other attributes.


Image: Sally Hartzenberg

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