The internet still allows for written articles to be published. Digital magazines and newspapers are probably the future of print media – just minus the actual printing part.

This is not all bad. We are often urged to be greener and this new digital medium could be seen as a beneficial compromise. Print diehards get to save their loved medium in a different format, and trees won’t appear on the World Wildlife Fund’s endangered species list. You can call it a win-win situation, I guess.

Here at Perdeby we’re going to hold on a little longer though. We love print. We love that when someone sits down with a magazine or newspaper that they are devoting their time to reading what is on the pages in front of them. That is what makes print special. That is the beauty of print. If someone sits down to read a newspaper, they are doing something that is very out of the norm in the modern age – they are making a conscious effort to read. Print is really the only medium like that. Television and radio fits into people’s lives so easily that it isn’t even a conscious decision anymore. It’s merely a habit.

Despite this, we are aware of the changing times (quite the cliché, but it’s true). As someone who loves print, I hope to see it live on online. The written word – just presented a bit differently. I’ll think of it as a new outfit, and who doesn’t like new clothes? And our new attire comes in the form of a new website.

We have worked on it for a while, and it’s like our pre-gift to our readers. Perdeby is 75 years old this year and we have decided that it is time for something new. Our website is the first step. The URL remains exactly the same, but we have tried to make it more interactive and user-friendly. Go have a look and tell us what you think.

This isn’t our first step towards the new age. Previous Perdeby editors already started this revolution with our very first website in 2005, the revamp in 2009, and our Twitter and Facebook accounts. We’re just trying to build on the foundation that we already have.

This year is a bittersweet time then, in many respects. It’s great to move on and to sustain what has been around for a very long time, but it is also sad when thinking that people in a few years time won’t understand what it means to curl up on a coach with a newspaper, magazine or book in their hands. In the next decade or so, Perdeby might stop printing as well. Not because of a lack of funds or anything sinister like that (hopefully), but because of the new era. Perdeby will most probably join the likes of Daily Maverick and The New York Times and become a digital paper that students subscribe to. This might seem morbid, but it’s actually a hopeful look to the future.

I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones.

Welcome to the new age,


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