Ashley Magwindiri

The hockey season is upon us, and many are looking forward to a thrilling season. Perdeby recently spoke to TuksHockey coach Inky Zondi about the upcoming season.


What moment last season were you most proud of your team?
We had a good first weekend in the competi­tion last year and the second weekend, we focused on securing a place in the semi-finals which we achieved. What many people do not know is that we had an abundance of logistical challenges on the actual day of the semi-finals (we arrived at the field with less than half the regular warm up time to go). We did, however, get on with it and won the semi-finals against Wits, which was a very tough encounter. My pride in the team could not have been higher in that moment.


What qualities make a person a good hockey player?
The willingness to give themselves into the team, environment and prioritising the good of the team above all else.


As a coach, how do you keep on motivating players and getting them to buy into their role on the team?
It is important to constantly communicate with all individuals, be crystal clear and honest about their role and value they can add to the team. This way they will know what they are commit­ting themselves to.


What are you working on with the team, to ensure that you retain the title?
The focus of the team this year is to play con­sistent but high-level hockey, game by game in order to be a title contender this year.


Your team has had a run of successesHow have you managed to keep this form?
Success cannot be defined by a single factor. I do believe the TuksHockey programme has constantly worked on developing and maintain­ing a quality high performance structure that prioritises and supports student athletes. Suc­cess simply then becomes a by-product of these structures and services.


Image: Elmarie Kruger

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