The issue of affordable higher education for students is crucial for the entire sector and is of significant national importance within the framework of long-term financial sustainability of public higher education institutions. In the statement, UP said that they are “pleased to be able to contribute to finding a solution to the seminal matter through Prof. Mosia’s involvement”.

Prof. Mosia continues to serve on various national committees, including as a board member of NSFAS. Since his secondment in 2001 to start the Audit and Evaluation Division, he has performed five institutional audits for the Council on Higher Education – one as chair – and was treasurer and trustee of the Foundation of Tertiary Education Institutions in the Northern Metropolis.

Prof. Mosia is the chairperson of the Statutory Council on Higher Education that advises the minister on higher education matters and oversees quality assurance arrangements in higher education in South Africa.


Prof. Themba Mosia. Photo: UP’s website

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