A group of men was arrested on the LC de Villiers Sports Grounds last week Monday.

The men were arrested in connection with cellphone theft. The vehicle used by the suspects was identified and detained by UP Security as the same vehicle involved in previous cases of theft that occurred on the sports ground.

UP Security proceeded to search the vehicle and interrogate its occupants. The suspects were in possession of equipment used to break into vehicles.

UP Manager of Investigations, Rowan Watson, said that the suspects were swiftly apprehended and handed over to the Brooklyn SAPS. “UP Security Services are working closely with the SAPS in an effort to identify any possible crime syndicates targeting campuses in Hatfield,” Watson said.

LC de Villiers Sports Ground has become a target for criminals. Thieves often take bags from the various sports fields, halls and arenas on the grounds. Criminals are able to operate without being noticed because it is difficult for UP Security to distinguish suspicious persons from participants and spectators on the sports grounds.

“Cases of theft on LC de Villiers Sports Ground are generally fostered by a sense of negligence,” said Colin Fouché, Director of UP Security Services. Fouché urges students who use the sports grounds to remain vigilant and assume responsibility for their possessions.

Photo: Eleanor Harding

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