On 19 June the University of Pretoria’s libraries, with the exception of the Witbank Health Library, will begin a phased reopening. The libraries will offer limited services to students and staff eligible to return to campuses under the level 3 of the lockdown regulations. Access to the library for eligible students will be limited to collections, and no browsing will be permitted.

The libraries will operate on Tuesdays and Fridays between 09:00 & 15:00. Returning services include the book pick-up and book return services and in-house digitisation of library material. Access to the library will be limited, including that to the MakerSpace facilities. Another notable point includes the 24 Hour Study Centre & Research Commons, which is remaining closed.

The libraries will operate on Tuesdays and Fridays between 09:00 & 15:00

Changes to the library services will see the picking-up of material facilitated through a request service via the library’s online chats, telephonic communication, as well as e-mail and direct communication with library staff, while the returning of books will be carried out through the ‘book drop boxes’ on campuses. Returned books will be held for a 72-hour quarantine period. Loan periods of books have also been extended in order to limit the amount of books being brought back at a time, with UP Library Services calling on students who are not allowed to return to campus yet to safely retain their books until they are allowed back onto campus.

In-house digitisation services will still operate, with the study collections not being handled physically, but instead, required pages from books in such sections will be digitised by library staff. Library access will also be restricted to the collection of books, with walk-ins being restricted to enquires at the circulation desk. Access to the MakerSpace is limited to 30 minutes.

Virtual learning, teaching & research support will continue to be provided, as will online consultations with librarians.

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