UCT and Rhodes

University of Cape Town

In the aftermath of the fire that ravaged Lion’s Head and much of their Upper Campus’ libraries, the University of Cape Town has recently completed the first phase of restoring its Jagger Library. The first phase, labelled the “Salvage Phase”, focused on the recovery of remaining library material from the Jagger Library as well as the library’s basement. The completion of this phase paved the way for the next phase, labelled the “Recovery Phase”, which has already begun.

Rhodes University

Rhodes University has for the first time granted free access to the Royal Society Journals for a limited period of time. Known for their global reach and commitment to cross-disciplinary research and widespread scientific coverage, the Makhanda-based university has allowed its students and staff to access the plethora of journals on hand. These include extensive biology letters, philosophical transactions and various interface focuses. This access will be shared with other universities in the Eastern Cape, including Nelson Mandela University, University of Fort Hare, and Walter Sisulu University.

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