The PDBYMedia family is excited that you’ve chosen UP for your studies, and an exciting couple of years await you. You will not have a better companion through your UP journey than with PDBY (though 2 minute Noodles, Quizlet and YouTube tutorials have solid arguments).

PDBY is South Africa’s largest and oldest student newspaper. In the more than 80 years of its existence, the newspaper has gone through so many changes to get to where it is currently – from being a chiefly print medium to publishing all of its content solely online amidst the pandemic. The publication consists of a diverse team of hardworking students studying at UP, who contribute across many different departments to bring you informative and entertaining content — and we’re always looking for new recruits to join the PDBY team.

Our office is located near the Prospect Street entrance on Hatfield Campus, and we’re always open to welcome new members to the PDBY family. Now, with the shift to online, simply DM us on our social media platforms (@PDBYMedia) to find out more about the process to join the publication. Hone your writing skills by joining either the News, Features, Sports or Entertainment sections, or if you consider yourself to be more hands on behind the scenes, you can always join our layout and copy teams and be directly involved with the look and feel of each edition of PDBY. You can also join our Multimedia and Social divisions and be a part of PDBY Online – where you can find interactive and informative content on our social media platforms and our website,, which is never short of online exclusives.

So, drop us a line on our social media platforms (@PDBYMedia) and join the PDBY family!

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