The Silver Angel awards acknowledge achievements made in societal spheres such as finance, family, health, community matters and the arts. Nominees for this award need to have acted with a positive influence within a local community, society or the world at large. This year, recipients of the award were recognised at a gala event, during which Siaga served as the master of ceremonies.

Siaga received the award for her contribution to the development of young global leaders. She views her most significant contribution to young leaders as “the personal investment in all [her] students’ lives”. When asked how she tries to influence the youth, Siaga said, “By reminding them [daily] that the world is waiting for them.” She views her role as a lecturer as a privilege as she is able to interact with students every day. Siaga’s preferred teaching style is “meaningful teaching” where she gives students examples of current happenings in the country so “that they can take their learning beyond the lecture hall”.

Siaga is also a volunteer at the South African Institute of Professional Accountants and sits on the Johannesburg District Committee of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. She advises that students “aim to graduate” as “there is a life beyond university”.


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