However, some students have complained about the new system, saying it is not as user friendly nor as simple as the standalone printers that were previously available. Bianca van Staden, a second-year publishing student, said that the first time she used the system she felt that there was a lack of support, as there were no step-by-step instructions on how to proceed once students had activated their TuksPrint account. She added that no instructions were given about how to retrieve documents from the printing terminal either. She said she prefers the previous system as she believes the old standalone system was easier to use.

Many other students expressed a similar sentiment when they talked to Perdeby about the new system.

Potgieter says that support is available to all students who use the TuksPrint system. Students can also consult any of the staff member in the libraries or the Xerox print centres. Students can also use the QR code available on the TuksPrint posters that will direct them to the TuksPrint web page where additional support will be available. Potgieter further said that it might be difficult to get acquainted with the new system, but once students get used to it, the process will hopefully be more efficient.


How to use the TuksPrint system:

• To use the system, you first have to register either at one of the libraries or Konica Minolta printing centres.

• Log onto the computer and open the TuksPrint shortcut on the desktop, which will then ask for your portal details. Select the “Generate a new pin” tab, and you will be given a unique pin that can be used at any TuksPrint printer.

• You can then submit your document to the TuksPrint printing queue by emailing it to

• To retrieve a document for the first time, a student simply has to swipe their student card at the printer, enter their pin, and log on using their portal login details.

• The document will then be printed.

• Every time after this you will only be prompted to enter your unique pin after swiping your student card. 

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