Staying at home has become the new norm amid COVID-19. Encouraging people to stay at home has been widely used as one of the measures to curb the spread of the pandemic. Students were sent home to prevent them from getting and spreading the virus. This meant that daily interactions had to be put on hold, sporting activities included.

In light of everything, UP Student Sport, in partnership with TuksChess, hosted an online chess competition on 24 April. Interested students had to sign in online at the UP Student Sport Chess Tourney Arena. The tournament was held in an effort to create an environment where students can interact and have fun while staying at home.

The following are the results of the tournament with the top three:

1. Coldzin took first place with 22 games played, win rate at 77%, Berserk rate at 36%, performance at 2049 with 56 points.

2. BraCee came out in second place with 23 games played, win rate at 61%, Berserk rate at 52%, performance at 1822 with 46 points.

3. Al_Sorna came out in third place with 16 games played, win rate at 81%, Berserk rate at 0%, performance at 2081 with 44 points.

Overall, 438 Games were played, 27 437 moves were made, White wins at 50%, Black wins at 48%, Draws at 2%, Berserk rate at 12%, Average rating at 1460.

For more information on the tournament, click on this link

Photo : Madhuri Rambaran

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