There are many options for non-academic activities at university, and sport is a popular choice. The University of Pretoria is equipped with a wide range of facilities to suit any sport preference. Joining a TuksSport team offers an opportunity to further the benefit of the university experience through the legacy of the #StripeGeneration.

UP has a range of sporting activities to choose from, depending on individual interests. Some available options include athletics, chess, hockey, soccer, netball, rugby, cricket, and swimming. TuksSport told PDBY that “TuksSport is home to 38 exhilarating sporting codes which are offered from recreational right up to elite level”. For information regarding trials and how to get involved, the TuksSport social media pages are regularly updated.


There are many options for non-academic activities at university, and sport is a popular choice.


TuksSport explains that “We want each first year to get excited about working out in a way that speaks to them” and there are various sports students can join aside from the traditional options. For those interested in encouraging spirit while also being physically challenged, TuksCheerleading offers a fun and engaging activity. Trials are hosted throughout the year at Hillcrest Campus. Students are encouraged to stay active and try diverse activities, “be it through joining any of the TuksGyms or taking up track and field with TuksAthletics. Our TuksWomensRugby7s are always something to rave about as they continue to represent on a global scale. With 38 codes on offer, there is something for everyone.”

TuksSport expressed that they look forward to a great sporting year in 2020 and this is what they had to say; “TuksSport has always formed an important part of UP student life and 2020 plans to be no different. We are excited for first years to get into attending sporting tournaments, taking part in res leagues and signing up to join a club.” You can read more about attending sporting events in [“Try@UP” on page 13. ]

For 2020, TuksSport explained that their “focus this year broadens to include those who have never taken up a sport to consider playing, even if it is recreationally. #UPYourSportingGame is literally about getting students into the swing of having TuksSport play a role in their daily lives.”


Students are encouraged to stay active and try diverse activities…”


For Res students TuksRes offers various sporting events throughout the year. Residences compete against each other in rugby, hockey, netball, soccer and other team sports. To get more information on the TuksRes sporting activities that take place throughout the year, you can ask your house sports committee members.

For those that are not staying in TuksRes and want to be involved in sports, you can ask your faculty sports committee about faculty sporting events. For those interested in TuksSport but are not in a team, you can still be a part of the action by supporting the #StripeGeneration at matches and games.

Varsity Sports takes place throughout the year. Look out for matches throughout the year for various sports such as Varsity Football, Hockey, Cricket, Netball, Athletics, Basketball and Varsity Rugby (standard and 7s). Posters will be put up around campus hotspots in advance, and tickets are affordable for a student budget.

PDBY asked TuksSport what they would tell first years who want to be involved in TuksSports and they welcomed all students to join a sport if interested, saying, “Welcome to the #StripeGeneration! The structures at TuksSport are designed to help you start and reach your sporting goals. Get behind all our teams and be part of an electrifying culture of winning, good sportsmanship and constantly pushing yourself to #UPYourSportingGame”.


Image: Instagram – @tukssport

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