Fundiswa Sizani of the Department of Student Affairs was one of the graduates. Members of the SRC Jodie Chikowi and Therese Rodink also graduated. Rodink admitted that obtaining her degree was not easy. She also tells Perdeby that her greatest challenge was writing exams in her first semester of 2nd year with torn ligaments in her knee and having her doctor not want to operate until she had completed her exams. Rodink believes that “the more you do, the more you can do”. She is currently doing her Honours Degree in Chemical Pathology and is not yet certain of her future plans.

Honorary doctorates were awarded to the following recipients: Mr William Kentridge (Faculty of Humanities), Professor Emmanuel Lartey (Faculty of Theology), Mr Mike van Graan (Faculty of Humanities) and Professor Emerita Thapar of Jawaharlal Nehru University (Faculty of Humanities) . Well-renowned South African artist, William Kentridge was awarded by the Faculty of Humanities for his expressionist drawings and films exploring the history of colonialism and revolutionary politics. Cape Town cultural activist and playwright Mike van Graan was also awarded by the faculty for his commitment to social justice and his ability to interrogate South Africa’s socio-political conditions through his plays. Professor Lartey of Emory University received the honorary doctorate for his on-going research regarding theological implications and practical effects of pastoral care in diverse cultures. Lastly, Professor Thapar is being honoured for her seminal contributions to Indian history.