Masontaha Sam, a first-year medical student, told Perdeby she came to Hatfield campus to support this event. Sam said, “I want to show my support to my fellow students as I respect other people’s lifestyle choices the same way they respect me as a human.” Sam added that Perdeby’s article (Gay student attacked at Urban Nest, 12 May 2014) motivated her to become active because the victim is a close friend of hers.

Marvin Frans, a first-year education student, liked the idea of showing respect and commemorating those who fought for equality among humans. Frans said, “Today was exciting but I felt that there could have been more homosexual people if it was marketed better in terms of posters and stuff.” Frans added that he was sad to hear so many negative remarks as they were silently marching through campus.

Up and Out chairperson Thyler von Widdern said that, “I feel that every year the march gets better and better. This day creates awareness and helps out in fellow countries where there are limited resources. I enjoyed it a lot, it attracted a lot of people as we made our way through campus and we generated good publicity for a good cause.”


Photo: Anele Mkungela 


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