Residences have decided to celebrate Spiritual Week together at the Universiteitsoord’s The Hub. This is the first time that both female and male residences have held a joint Spiritual Week. “We decided to come together because last year the ladies reses came together for it and it was a major success,” said Zamahlasela Gabela, Erika’s spiritual HK. “This time we wanted it to be bigger and better and have more people touched and influenced by it.”

The Spiritual Week’s programme was put together by 13th Floor, a performing arts company that uses the arts to minister to young people. The 13th Floor hosted evenings of worship, drama, poetry and dance, from 9-12 May. The theme for 2011 was “Unscripted – no man can walk away from his own story”. This theme encouraged students to share their own stories and inspire other people. “I think it’s a very relevant theme that everyone can relate to as we are all a living example of the many stories portrayed,” explained Gabela. This was the second year in which the spiritual HKs have invited 13th Floor to minister to students. “Last year was a great success. We like the university’s target market,” said Warren Le Grange, the creative director of 13th Floor. Le Grange also stated that 13th  Floor would come back next year if they were asked to. The biggest challenge with this Spiritual Week, according to Gabela, was the timing. “There were lots of other things going on in the different reses during the week, so fitting it in has been problematic, but at the end of the day we’ve come through and the week has been successful so far,” added Gabela. Madelein Strydom, Jasmyn’s spiritual HK, said they hope students will understand their journey with God better and that they will persevere during hard times. “Hopefully what you experienced here (Spiritual Week) will resonate with you for the rest of your life,” said Eugene Van Potch, who is part of  13th  Floor’s worship team.

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