This sport offers adventure seekers an outdoor experience that puts their endurance and technical cycling abilities to the test. It usually involves single track trails of alternating terrains including steep rocky climbs, meandering wooded sections and sandy downhill slopes.

One of the most challenging technical aspects of trail rides include “switchbacks”. The trail is said to “switchback” or have a “switchback” when it turns sharply back upon itself, usually while climbing or descending a hill.

If you are up to take on the challenges that mountain biking has to offer within the remote and peaceful landscapes of South Africa, then you should consider following Wildtrail SA- a popular mountain biking event’s organiser and promoter in Pretoria.

Teaming up with Key Health, a sponsor that supports UP athletes such as Warrior Race competitors Greg Avierinos and Michelle Meyer, events are held throughout the year to accommodate riders of different experience. Trails of different technicality and distance give every rider the opportunity to participate in the category they feel most confident to try. Perdeby had the opportunity to be a part of the 2015 Moon Chaser series, and one particular event included a Night Race involving a 20km neon-lit mountain bike trail beneath the stars at Rosemary Hill.