TuksTaekwondo perform their annual demonstration on the Aula grass at 10:00 at UP’s Open Day. The club has taken to performing demonstrations every year at major UP interactive events. Perdeby spoke with the club chairperson of TuksTaekwondo, Mr Deran Naidoo, ahead of the Open Day to better understand the structure and the objectives for hosting the demonstration.


Where will TuksTaekwondo be stationed throughout the day?

If the Open Day is set up the same as last year, then we will have a representative at the TuksSports stand located outside the Old Merensky Library near the Aula grass area.

What structure will the demonstration follow?

The demonstration team consists of about 15 members, and will consist of several separate performances with the following structure. The demonstration will begin with an introductory performance. The athletes will begin with a technique performance showing a sample of the techniques used for punching, kicking, and blocking. This will then be followed by a Taekwondo dance.

We then progress into synchronised motions, after which the team will proceed to perform a series of fast kicking. Following this the team will perform what is regarded as the most difficult part of the demonstration, “Breaking”. Here the best of our team break wooden targets with complex jumping and spinning kicks. A self-defence session then ensues, followed by a series of slow motion techniques. The demonstration then ends with a courtesy bow and walk-off.

What are the objectives for hosting demonstrations on campus?

The main objectives for hosting any taekwondo demonstrations at the University are to showcase what TuksTaekwondo has to offer, as these Open Days are attended by a multitude of high schools. This allows us to expose our martial arts to a diverse and regionally large spread of the Gauteng area. Usually Tuks events are where we perform for our largest audiences. Hosting demonstrations also allows us to create awareness of the sport.

What has been the response to past demonstrations?

As with most of our demonstrations, it is usually the first time the audience is exposed to a taekwondo demonstration. Because it is a new and exciting experience, they respond very positively and are intrigued to know more. This is especially true for the specific audience at Tuks Orientation and Open Days. I personally was first exposed to taekwondo at a demonstration during Orientation Week in my first year, which resulted in me inquiring more, and eventually joining the club.

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