With the competitive swimming season nearly upon us, TuksSwimming has been busy. TuksSwimming manager Rocco Meiring feels the importance of “improving and expanding our student swimming programme” is one of TuksSwimming’s focal points for the 2015 season. This year marks the introduction of ResSwimming, which hopes to see residences and prospective houses compete in the swimming pool like they would on a hockey or cricket field. The proposed programme hopes to have two galas, one in May and the other in TuksSwimming announces new initiative September, where participants can show off their abilities with some hopefully pursuing it further.

“The swimming club programme hopes to have a level where students that want to train and want to compete, but not necessarily as their main priority, have an opportunity to train and compete with their own personal aims, and that’s why we introduced this initiative,” said Meiring. Swimming is a growing field at the university and its main objective is to make sure that the TuksSports culture of winning is in place at every level of the Tuks swimming club, while providing the students who swim with the best possible environment for them to reach their full potential.

Image: www.up.ac.za

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