More on the surface, fans of the wide reaching radio station can expect a change to their programing and to the music the station plays. “Music has moved on, and at the moment rock is not the flavour of the month for the youth. It’ll come back, but at the moment we need to focus on our target market.” Kunz looks to start including more mainstream music, which will be phased in slowly throughout the year. She has already started on including more hip hop and dance music in their program, ultimately ending in a new sound TuksFM. Fans of the classic TuksFM’s sound do not have to be disappointed, however. Kunz says that their rock playlists that they are so well known for will always be there with specific themed shows and a 24-hour streaming service on their website.

TuksFM’s outreach programs will also see a renewed drive. They will be planning their year early to ensure enough time to reach greater targets, as well as working with other organisations for a greater reach. They will start their year with a live broadcast from Menlyn mall on Wednesday 7 February. Catch theme there for their Back to school drive for clothes and toiletries.

Kunz is excited for the year and anticipates big changes and a renewed energy at the station.

Image: TuksFM logo

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