The win comes during TuksCamerata’s European Tour, from 15 to 31 July. The entire choir went on the tour because, according to TuksCamerata, “each member was placed in the choir to form a balanced and holistic sound, so leaving any member behind would be a hindrance to this”. TuksCamerata has a firm belief that “no one gets left behind” and said that if “one chorister would not be able to make it, then no one would go”.

The tour started in Istanbul, Turkey and will end at the 11th World Symposium on Choral Music in Barcelona, Spain.

This event is working alongside the International Federation for Choral Music so that the 11th International Symposium of Choral Music will be “an unforgettable event”. The Symposium’s slogan is ‘The Colours of Peace’. The colours are said to “symbolise the diversity of international choral life in the building of a world at peace”.

TuksCamerata has carefully chosen each piece in their repertoire with the aim of taking “the audience members on a journey, as well as to be a symbol of the Colours of Peace”. The World Symposium on Choral Music is the main reason why the choir was headed to Europe.

The most prominent pieces that TuksCamerata will be showcasing were their “two new commissioned pieces”: ‘In Tempore Belli’ and ‘Wade in the Water’, composed by Hendrik Hofmeyr and Stacey Gibbs respectively. It will be the first time that an international audience has heard these pieces. The majority of TuksCamerata’s new CD, Indodana, will be used as competition repertoire in Riga, Latvia, in which traditional African music will be sung, “with a plethora of African elements to show the world the beauty of [their] traditional music”.

Other competition repertoire consists of ‘U Lig en U Waarheid’, which is on the Love + War CD, released earlier this year, ‘Himne’, ‘Let my Love be Heard’ and ‘Kaisia-isa Niyan’.

The choir has said that they felt “excited, nervous and filled with adrenaline for the coming two weeks”. Furthermore, “each and every choir member has their game face on and [they] are hoping to be the best. As [they] are competing at the Grand Prix of Nations [they want to] come out on top, but [their] main focus for the tour is to show the world what South Africa has to offer, not only in terms of choral singing, but in the notion of integrity, passion and the coming together of many diverse cultures to create a product that South Africa can be proud of”.



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