Matebesi became interested in basketball when his older brother introduced him to the game when he was 11. He attributes his success in the game to practising often, working tirelessly on the parts of his game in which he lacks, and improving on the aspects of his game which he is already good at.

Matebesi said that his selection for the South African student men’s team “is just the beginning of a long road”. He said that he does not intend to use his youth as an excuse for a mediocre performance at the Cucsa Games, as he wants to be a player to watch out for among competing countries.

As a point-guard, Matebesi holds a great deal of responsibility, saying that his position can be identified as a “coach on the court” as he is expected to control the game and call the right plays at the right time while simultaneously getting his teammates involved in the game.

With intense training building up to the tournament in Zambia, Matebesi is eager to build on his experience. “My advice to [emerging basketball players] is that only three things are needed in order to excel in basketball, namely hard work, persistence and patience. With those three, eventually good things will unfold for you,” he said.

Image: TuksSport’s Facebook page

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