In the longest airtime category, contestants were simply required to create paper planes that could stay in the air the longest. These planes were also not allowed to be altered. A young boy named Pablo McKenzie, son of UP alumnus Wergele Mckenzie, won the longest distance category with a distance of 14.50m, as well as the longest airtime and aerobatics categories with an overall score of 21 from the judges. He received a case of Red Bull energy drinks.

When asked about the event, Sifiso Madugandaba, student brand manager for Red Bull, said, “The event was quite successful. We got a large pull-through from the residences. It was quite ‘vibey’ and quite fun. People really got excited, because not a lot of people have travelled overseas, so the qualifiers from each nation stand a chance to get an all-expenses paid trip to Austria.”      

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