Hoffman and Chonco, who currently reside in Silicon Valley, California, realised their shared passion for programming when they met at Pretoria Boys High School. In their grade 11 year, they won an app development competition and proceeded to develop another app for Android and iPhone devices in their first year of university.

Presently, Transit Wise is only available in Gauteng but plans are underway to extend it to the rest of the country. According to Mail & Guardian, Gauteng will have 18.6 million inhabitants in 25 years, as well as 8.9 million workers, which means 8.9 million home-work and work-home trips per day. The South African government aims to relieve this anticipated road burden by delivering expanded and sustainable public transport by 2020. It seems that the app comes at a crucial time for public transport, making it a potentially lucrative invention. The app is also available for free on the Apple App Store.