What is Suave Sundays all about?

What you can expect is chilled vibes to relax to [and] end your weekend off nicely. We’ve got hip-hop DJs like Zats and Stix [electro DJ] is coming back next weekend. So we want to try to cater to all kinds of music tastes.

Where do you see your career going with your involvement in this?

I am very adaptable. So [whenever] I see [something has] opportunities available, I’ll do it. I’m not set on one thing, I’m always looking for opportunities and if one is available I’ll take the gap and go for it.

You must work and interact with many people. Have you learnt anything from this experience?

I was taught from a young age to put [myself] in someone else’s shoes and I would say I am influenced by the encounters that I [have] in everyday life, taking every meeting as an opportunity and [a] lesson and see how I can apply that in my own life to get to where I want to be.


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