Weeks held onto his lead to win the stage and the yellow and green jerseys. Patten followed closely behind Weeks and finished third.

Stage 1B was an individual time trial of 20km. Patten finished in first position, earning the yellow jersey, while Weeks retained the green jersey, finishing seventh alongside teammate Jacques Horn.

On day two stage the second stage took place, which was arguably one of the toughest stages that took place, consisting of a 135km road race that took place at Boschkop. Patten once again led from the front for Tuks but was unable to retain the yellow jersay as he finished third.

The third and final day consisted of stage 3A, a hill climb race around the Voortrekker Monument. Patten led proceedings again and comfortably finished first with Weeks managing to finish in fourth place.

Tuks found themselves in prime position to win the 2014 USSA cycle tour with the final stage to go. Stage 3B took place on LC de Villiers campus. A track, where the riders had to race around and complete a final sprint lap, was marked off and Patten claimed the win to hand Tuks Cycling their second consecutive USSA title.


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