Delport also mentioned issues which should be addressed at UP saying that we should attack res, attack the syllabus, and approach transformation. However, many raised the concern that they do not have the ability to voice their concerns without fear of their plans being halted or without the fear of being expelled. People also spoke about how students should not only be allowed to voice their concerns, but that the university should be proactive about these concerns raised.

When asked how to actively achieve change at UP, Delport said that, as with UCT using the Rhodes statue, Tuks needs to find something to rally around, but added, “At Tuks it is difficult to choose one image, one symbol, because there [are] so many.” Delport did, however, sight the white sculptures outside Old Merensky as possible targets.

The Society for Current and Global Affairs said that, “[The event is] not an instance of radicalisation of students. What [we] are trying to do is create a platform for students to talk about topics that are important to them. This week [it was] Rhodes, but there are countless [more] issues. Topics [they] will cover in the future that are current and global will be [about] the university as a business.”


Photo: Shen Scott

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