Dr Mkhize spoke about the issue of deracialisation. She felt that deracialisation had reached its limits as a method for transformation, stating, “[One] can deracialise but assimilate… deracialise but maintain other kinds of institutional cultures that need other transformations.” As a result, Dr Mkhize suggested that a better method would be for universities to focus on creating specific types of graduates.

Dr Mkhize believes that ideal graduates would be people who are multilingual, who have a very strong pan-African identity and curriculum, as well as skills, abilities and an incentive to learn trades. Dr Mkhize believes that this will allow any higher education system to regulate the kinds of people they produce more effectively than through the use of deracialisation, which she believed was not helping to “figure out what we want our students to become”.

The public discussion forum is not the only arena in which transformation is being dealt with. In terms of student politics, the SRC is also concerned with transformation. According to Jhua-Nine Wyrley- Birch, the SRC member in charge of transformation and student success, “the SRC wants to focus on inclusivity within different facets of university life.” She added that they want “students to realise that transformation is relevant to everyone [and that] it does not include only race but also gender equality, respect towards sexual orientation and accommodation of disabled students.” Wyrley-Birch also indicated that this message would be spread by the mobile SRC and the transformation subcouncil.

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