1.Catch up on all the series you’ve been foregoing. Because nothing says “social life” better than you, your laptop and your bed.

2.Facebook stalk that pretty girl you went to high school with who is now married and pregnant. Simultaneously mourn the fact that you’ll probably never meet your future wife at DropZone.

3.Start a band and get featured in Perdeby.

4.Phone your mum. And not just for money.

5.Attempt to convert Ty’s into a place that decent people go to.

6.Perfect your selfie face. You’re going to be spending more time by yourself now.

7.Become a professional gamer. They earn more by winning a single competition than a journalist earns in a year.

8.Annoy your neighbours and summon the cops by hosting your own house party. It’s more comfortable to pass out in your own home than the cobbled floor outside T4 anyway.

9.Join the cool kids (Perdeby) at Aandklas.

10.Help Perdeby come up with better Top 10 lists.

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